Our program has a registration period beginning in the spring for the upcoming fall/winter season. Information on how to register is posted in our Registration section.

For all levels, the majority of practices will be held in Vienna.

It’s totally free !

Hockey is a physical game, but unlike the sterotypical images where there are more fists flying than pucks, youth hockey is NOT a violent sport.  Players are covered from head to toe in protective gear and good sportsmanship is promoted at all times.  Many families involved in youth hockey report that their player is more likely to get hurt on the baseball field or basketball court where protective gear is not part of the uniform.

Under USA Hockey rules, players are required to wear an approved helmet with mask, shoulder pads, mouthguard, neckguard, gloves, shinguards, athletic cup, elbow pads, skates, and stick.

Equipment can be purchased new or used online.

Everybody can join to cheer the team while they are practicing. We are happy if somebody comes to cheer for us !


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